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The Houston Vein Institute was founded by a cardiovascular surgeon.

Veinwave™ Treatment for Spider Veins

In the late 1990s, vascular experts in Europe began developing and refining Veinwave™ technology for spider vein removal and, in 2009, after thousands of successful treatments overseas, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved it for use by doctors in the United States. Dr. Miguel Gomez, at the Houston Vein Institute treatment.

What is Veinwave™?

Veinwave™ is a desktop device that delivers a microwave pulse, or localized heat, through the skin via an insulated 0.0075mm needle. The pulse closes the walls of the offending blood vessel, stopping blood flow and destroying the spider vein instantaneously.

Veinwave™ is the safest, most accurate, and most effective treatment available for spider veins on the nose, face, legs, or anywhere a patient finds them to be a concern.

*Medical insurance may cover the cost of treatment.

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