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Sclerotherapy treatment has been used in the US since the 1930s and is one of the most popular treatments for smaller varicose veins and larger spider veins. The treatment is quick and effective, and can is administered in office. Using a very fine needle, much smaller than the needles you are typically familiar with, the doctor injects a scarring agent, known as a sclerosant, into the affected vein. The treatment is virtually painless, and does not require any numbing creams or other anesthetic. However, after the procedure you may experience mild discomfort and require over-the-counter pain medication.

Following treatment, you will put on compression stockings immediately so that the veins will scar as small as possible. They must be worn continuously for the first 48 hours, and then during the day for a week after. You can immediately resume normal activities, but should not exercise heavily for the first 48 hours.

Over time, the vein scars over and fades away. Patients with varicose veins will usually see results in 3-4 months, and patients with spider veins can see results between 3 and 6 weeks. Typically, no other procedure is required to remove the treated veins like with laser treatments.

Dr. Gomez will discuss sclerotherapy with you and inform you of exactly what to expect during your treatment. You will feel confident knowing that you are being treated by a competent practitioner, and enjoy the atmosphere at the Houston Vein Institute.

Common Questions:

How long does Sclerotherapy treatment take?
The total length of time for your sclerotherapy treatment varies depending on how many veins are treated. A typical procedure lasts about 20 minutes.

How many Sclerotherapy treatments will I need?
The number of Sclerotherapy sessions needed will depend on the number of veins to be treated. The majority of patients will only need one session, though in certain cases multiple treatments are necessary.

Can I go back to work after Sclerotherapy?
Yes, patients are able to leave the Houston Vein Institute office and return to work immediately.

Will I need compression garments after Sclerotherapy?
Yes, in order to ensure that veins scar and fade away as small as possible, it is important to wear compression garments continuously for the first 48 hours. After that, you should wear them during the day for one week.

Can I exercise after Sclerotherapy?
Exercise should be avoided for the first 48 hours, but after that you may return to your regular exercise plan.

What areas can Sclerotherapy treat?
Sclerotherapy can treat spider veins and small varicose veins anywhere on the body, including the legs and arms.

Will my insurance cover Sclerotherapy?
Some plans do, however, insurance plans and policies vary greatly between patients and coverage cannot be determined until after your consultation. The Houston Vein Institute will contact your insurance company and work out a treatment plan with you.

Does Sclerotherapy hurt?
Sclerotherapy is not painful and does not require any numbing agents or local anesthesia. Some patients do report mild discomfort for a couple of minutes following injection, and over-the-counter pain medication can manage any lingering soreness.

How much does Sclerotherapy cost?
The cost of sclerotherapy varies based on the amount of veins to be treated and the number of sessions needed. When you consult with Houston Vein Institute, they’ll develop a treatment plan with you and discuss your payment and insurance options.

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