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Less-Invasive Treatment Options for Spider Veins and Varicose Veins.

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Schedule a consultation with Houston Vein Institute to talk with Dr. Gomez and discuss your varicose veins or spider veins treatment options.

Medical insurance often covers the costs of vein treatments. Our office will help you determine your coverage.

What will happen at my consultation with Dr. Gomez ?

  • Meet Dr. Gomez – At the start of your consultation, you will meet with Dr. Gomez for a review of your medical history and a full exam.
  • Examination – Then, depending on the severity of your vein issues, a member of the Vein Institute staff will examine the functionality of your veins with a venous ultrasound.
  • Review Examination Results – Finally, Dr. Gomez will meet with you again to discuss findings from the ultrasound and make a suggestion for treatment.
    • If your veins show no significant abnormalities, you may schedule an appointment for sclerotherapy or veinwave before you leave the office.
    • Vein issues that require EVLT or phlebectomy may need your insurance provider’s approval before you schedule a return appointment.

The full consultation will take approximately 1 hour or less!

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