EndoVenous Laser Treatment

Drastically reduce the appearance of spider veins and relieve the serious effects of varicose veins with the safe, fast and effective treatment options at Houston Vein Institute.

Destroy spider veins instantaneously with this innovative medical device, at the cutting edge of vascular treatments. In a single 15 minute session, Dr. Miguel Gomez can radically reduce the appearance of spider veins. Veinwave utilizes radio frequency delivered through a micropulse directly into the spider vein. The problem vein is gone immediately, and patients enjoy being able to return to normal activities right away.

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Treat varicose veins with our minimally invasive, targeted laser treatment known as EVLT. We deliver precision laser energy to the affected area, and divert blood flow from the varicose vein to healthier veins, getting rid of the bulging vein. The vein shrinks over the next few weeks, and then is removed through a simple procedure known as phlebectomy. Patients get back to work immediately, and only have to wait one week before they start exercising again.

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Varicose veins and spider veins in the legs are most often caused by hidden problems elsewhere in the leg. These circulation issues, also called venous insufficiency, cause blood to pool in the veins, making them change color and become more visible from below the skin. Anyone can be affected, and multiple treatment options are available. Dr. Gomez and the team at the Houston Vein Institute will help you to better understand your condition and decide which procedure is right for you.

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Spider Vein

What’s holding you back from vein-free skin ?  Maybe you’ve always thought it was too expensive, or would be too painful, or would take too long.  Maybe you’ve been hiding your skin while your friends wear shorts.  Dr. Miguel Gomez and the Houston Vein Institute want to let you in on the truth about vascular treatment options.

State of the art technology is helping Houston look and feel better than ever, thanks to EVLT, Veinwave and Sclerotherapy.  These treatments are fast, and most patients get back to work and regular activities the same day.  Even better, your medical insurance may help with the cost. All of our procedures are performed in-office, with only local or topical anesthetics needed. 

When you arrive for your appointment at Houston Vein Institute, you’ll be greeted by our experienced and caring staff.  We value your time, and will make sure you don’t spend too much time in our comfortable waiting room.  During your consultation, we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions, and we’ll explain your treatment plan so you always know what to expect.

Don’t wait another day to start looking and feeling your best.  Take the next step to restore your health. Enjoy the freedom that comes with feeling comfortable in your own skin.  Call 713.932.6251 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Gomez and learn what treatment options are available for you.

*Medical insurance may cover the cost of treatment.

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